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Two authors meet. They exchange points of view on a variety of subjects, including which genre is preferred. The two authors are the same person, but exhibit very different personas in public. William Anthony Shea writes Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Sci-Fantasy and Role Playing Games (RPGs). L Shea writes select Adult Fiction and Satire, predominantly with a connection to Cork in Ireland. Of course, beyond being an author, there are other personalities that come to the fore, each with strong opinions, ambitions and… welcome to my first blog. I decided a while back that I needed new friends, mostly because my lifelong friends in the current ‘clique’ are bordering on useless with regards to promoting any endeavour – be it for Bad Dog Publishing (BDP) www.baddogpublishing.ie, The Knights of Misspent Youth (KOMY – a group I am heavily involved with) or for the occasional plug on a solitary title release. Not all of those concerned, I must say, but most appear oblivious to any effort employed to bring a degree of fame or infamy to the publications ‘We’ produce (the ‘We’ being the two author personas). Sigh, rant, moan, rant some more, breathe and… over it now.

Welcome to an inside look into William Anthony Shea/L Shea. If you made it this far, there is some hope for the future. I have a new book out. It was released on paperback in December 2017 and followed up with a digital release on Kindle in January 2018. Check out DE CORK BOIs (a.k.a. The Cork Boys)

For William Anthony Shea – if you want to get a taste of the author, read Killing Time http://www.baddogpublishing.ie/index.php/killing-time/.

So who is William Anthony Shea (and L Shea for that matter)? I was born in Cork, Ireland. I am not young in appearance though as to whether or not I actually grew up, the debate is still out. I am am author, editor, publisher and problem solver, with far too much of the latter going on of late in my life. I am Irish. I am a Corkonian. I am a husband, father, friend and dreamer. Most of all I am still learning what all that means. I hope to make this blog a regular feature where I can share all those things that are important to me, and maybe to some of you out there.

I love movies (TV and cinema in general). I have read 2000AD and Judge Dredd from the start and have a fondness for comics and graphic novels. I also love reading Technical and Historical works. My favourite movie is Aliens. I love coffee and wish I could drink it all day and all night like I used to do when I was younger than I am now. I play games regularly – RPGs to Card Games and everything in between. I am a Knight of Misspent Youth and part of a group that has adopted that name and outlook on life. I also love to travel and have been to many, many places, but none better than Cork.

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