Brethren: Brethren Book One

Night has fallen on the Brethren, a vampire society vying for power in a dangerous game played out on the periphery of a mortal domain. Helena has come to Bostonia seeking to understand the nature of what she has become in the wake of her sire’s past and recent failures. Discovering that there are other vampires out there existing as if they were still part of a living world, she wanted only to bring them to account for preying on innocence but the truth captivates her to consider other ambitions. Agnes holds to no such desires and follows an unforgiving path.

Meanwhile, James is embroiled in a conflict that was always fated to come to pass but the arrival of Helena serves as both a distraction and a tie to his past that cannot be easily denied. The outcome is inevitable but the end is far from certain when James is left with the only choice that matters – to finish what he started before a mortal world pays the price for any deferral.